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Donation Rewards Program

Donation RatesItems
$5.00 to $49.00Personal Thank You Letter with a Wristband
$50.00 to $74.00Snapback Cap or Toque or T-Shirt of your Choice and a Wristband
$75.00 to $99.00Snapback Cap or Toque and T-Shirt of your Choice
$100.00 to $149.00Snapback Cap or Toque, T-Shirt of your Choice and a Wristband
$150.00 and $249.00Pro Style Hockey Jersey with a Wristband
$250 and UpAll the Above Items

How To Donate & Receive Your Awesome Merch

1. Pick The Donation Rate That Matches Your Desired Merch
2. Once Your Donation Is Submitted An Automatic Confirmation and Receipt Will Be Emailed
3. Finally, You Will Receive a Personal Email From Us to Complete Your Merch Order

We Are Not Asking For Much, But We Are Giving A Lot In Return For Your Help!

A few ways to support hockeyneeds achieve its goals

1. Donate and receive any of the awesome designed apparel.
2. Post you wearing your awesome designed apparel on Instagram with #hockeyneeds
3. Finally, help spread the word & Sign up for our Newsletter!

Your Donation Will Help HockeyNeeds With The Following:

Your Donations will help develop our First Phase in order to have the following functions:

1. Creating and Integrating the Database
2. Integrating the Video Host
3. Integrating Payment Systems for our “Merch” Section
4. Dedicated Servers
5. Additional Developers to help create amazing tools for you to use for Free

100% Free Website for the Minor Hockey Community and a Strong Tool to Connect Online

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thank you for your Donation!

Your Generosity Is Greatly Appreciated.

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