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Who we are

HockeyNeeds was founded by Michael P. Orlotti and first launched in 1996 as a Personal On-Ice Training Company in Toronto, ON. Then in 2004, Michael added Custom Apparel and Hockey Equipment until 2008.

In 2008 Michael decided to take a leave of absence from coaching minor hockey, training and placed HockeyNeeds on hold for few years to focus on starting his family. While taking a step back from minor hockey, but staying in touch with the hockey community, Michael noticed there were no accurate ways of promoting oneself or proper channels of communication to reach and obtain the next level for minor hockey Players, Goalies or Coaches. Players, Goalies and Coaches still used the old method of communicating by calling and/or emailing hockey resumes but used this method incorrectly with poorly made resumes.

Later on, as technology advanced, Michael tried several online hockey websites to see how they compared and what types of tools they offered. Again, unhappy with the products and services offered, and the fact that these sites charged a premium to use, Michael ultimately concluded there had to be a better way and choice out there. Thus, HockeyNeeds transformed into a website that is a One Stop Shop For All Your Hockey Needs!

Through various searches of potential candidates, Michael was able to come across an exceptional Graphic Designer and a Hockey Fan, Leon Pierre, who shares the same passion for hockey and is likeminded.

At the age of 6, Leon first learned to skate at a local skating rink. By 10 years old, Leon began to gravitate towards some of the neighbourhood children playing Street Hockey.

Always ready and excited to play hockey, Leon finally joined a house league as a goaltender. That position didn’t last too long!  Along came Mario Lemieux, became his favourite player and Leon soon made the switch to playing forward. Season by season he crafted his skills with hours of shinny, which helped him achieve to play at a high level throughout his hockey playing days.

Still, today, the love for the game grows with each year that passes. Now Leon & Michael’s passion and their main goal are to help others achieve their Hockey Needs!

HockeyNeeds is owned and operated by Michael P. Orlotti and Leon Pierre under the HockeyNeeds Group banner (HNG), a privately-held Canadian based company in Toronto, Ontario.

our mission

Our mission is to partner with Minor Hockey Associations at the grassroots level across North America and Europe by generating interest in our HockeyNeeds Network. Our principal products and services will address the needs of Minor Hockey in 2 parts:

1. To position HockeyNeeds as the leader in the most effective Minor Hockey Online Profile and Social Community website by leveraging the power of the Internet to address the needs of the Minor Hockey Community.

2. Finally, creating a value-added network and a direct link between the Business Community and Minor Hockey Community that benefits all.

The long-term vision of HockeyNeeds is to be known as the “T.H.E” Hockey site for all your hockey needs. “T.H.E” stands for Total Hockey Efficiencies, the standard for creating an online profile/resume and social community site for the amateur hockey community. Our success is dependent on consistently providing excellent products and services to our member users and sponsors. In the end, when you think of Hockey we want you to think of HockeyNeeds!


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