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Tip – When buying any hockey equipment, especially skates, make sure to work with a knowledgeable Pro, that includes the “Added Value” services.

For example, at Toronto Pro Hockey Shop they took the time to measure both feet, recommended the right skates to use based on skill/usage, the right blade profile to use and finally baking the skates. Priceless!

Speaking of Skates…

Finding a great Pro Shop with a professional skate sharpener is like finding a great car mechanic that knows your vehicle inside out. Build that same relationship, so they can help you find that edge!

Thanks to Dennis & Co. At Toronto Pro located in Vaughan.

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Web. Toronto Pro Hockey Shop

E. Contact

Tele. 905.264.4433

27 Roytec Rd. Bldg B unit 5b
Vaughan, Ontario



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