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We are inviting Players, Goalies and Coaches to submit your story for our website. It could be anything from how your team did in a tournament to an exceptional game your team or an individual had. Also, Mom and Dad can always tell a great family hockey story or a family hockey tradition. Remember it's FREE!

HockeyNeeds is proud of the efforts the Minor Hockey Communities for knowing the values of respect in their community and sharing your experiences with us!

Below Are Just Some Of The Submissions We Have Received 

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Top Articles

The Awesome Practice Hockey Player and How To Make Them All Around Successful

By Michael Orlotti

The players who do not Battle and/or Compete in a game, but at practices. The ones that you always see doing amazing skilful moves in practice, but not at games. They just don’t play the way they practice. Basically, the ones you call The Awesome Practice Player! Believe me, I have felt your frustration with…

Tryouts… Parents Are We Talking About Hockey Tryouts!

By Michael Orlotti

I figured this was a perfect time to write this article since coaches, players, organizations and parents are getting ready for tryouts starting mid-April in the Toronto – GTA regions. Tryouts have always been a hot topic to discuss, because of the silly behaviours that go on during this stressful time. Before I start and…

7 Traits For Successful Hockey Coaches

By Michael Orlotti

I think we can all agree that Coaching can be very stressful and rewarding at the same time. As Coaches, winning and losing outcomes can become all too consuming and this can cause a coach’s performance to be negatively affected by their inability to manage their stress reactions. Especially, when focusing on losing! Whatever thoughts…

When Your Player Loses Their Confidence

By Michael Orlotti

Confidence is one of the paramount tools a parent, coach, or teacher can teach a child. On the flip side, a person who lacks confidence will be hesitant to try new or challenging things because he or she is scared of failing and the feeling of disappointing others. This can confine them later on in…

The Hockey Handshake

By Michael Orlotti

I thought this would be a great way to start HockeyNeeds’ first article for what we represent, the appreciation for this great game and most importantly, the message we want everyone in the Minor Hockey Communities to strive for – Hockey is a beautiful, Intellectual and most respected game in the world, which starts with…

Who’s Your Coach? – Dad!

By Michael Orlotti

Let’s face it, the majority of the time it is a player’s dad who is coaching the team just like my son’s house league team. Parents are often thrown into the situation of coaching otherwise there would be no team, which again was the case of my son’s house league team. On the other hand,…

Triangle Formation – Balance Of Life

By Michael Orlotti

I think back to my playing and coaching days and I compare it to where I am at today as a father. It’s been 10 years since I was a head coach of the team, now that I’m getting back into the hockey scene because my son is playing hockey, something still catches my attention.…

Top News & Shout Outs

HockeyNeeds News | Supporting The Minor Hockey Communities During Covid-19

Dear Minor Hockey Organization, Coaches, Managers, and Parents With this Global Pandemic happening around the world the Minor Hockey Communities will face hardship to restart their leagues. HockeyNeeds will continue…

HockeyNeeds News | Team Apparel

PHOTO OF LEON AND HEAD COACH JOE OF AMESBURY MINOR ATOM SELECT TEAM HOCKEYNEEDS ANNOUNCEMENT  HockeyNeeds and Clothwerkz have merged to create unique designed apparel under the HN banner for…

Stride Hockey Development | Shout Out

Photo of Lino Owner/Head Instructor HockeyNeeds Promotion Great experience with Lino & Co. at Stride Hockey Development Located in Toronto – GTA, Ontario If you are looking for a terrific…

Pro Star Hockey School | Shout Out

Photo of Adam Owner/Head Instructor at Pro Star Hockey School HockeyNeeds Promotion I would like to thank Adam & Co. for the incredible work they did with all the young…

Toronto Pro Hockey Shop | Shout Out

Photo of Toronto Pro Hockey Shop Professional Tech HockeyNeeds Promotion Tip – When buying any hockey equipment, especially skates, make sure to work with a knowledgeable Pro, that includes the…

High Speed Hockey | Shout Out

Photo of Emma and Derek – Trainers at High Speed Hockey Training HockeyNeeds Promotion A great experience at High Speed Hockey Training in Newmarket, Ontario with Emma and Derek. If…

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