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We are inviting Players, Goalies and Coaches to submit your story for our website. It could be anything from how your team did in a tournament to an exceptional game your team or an individual had. Also, Mom and Dad can always tell a great family hockey story or a family hockey tradition. Remember it's FREE!

HockeyNeeds is proud of the efforts the Minor Hockey Communities for knowing the values of respect in their community and sharing your experiences with us!

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The Hockey Player’s Survival Guide – How To Lower The Risk Of Getting Sick

By Michael Orlotti

With all the news focusing on the Coronavirus outbreak, I thought this is a perfect time to write an article on how Hockey Players should always take the proactive measures to counter the probability of contraction and spread around of any type of illness in the arena, dressing room or team bench. For example, the…

Hockey Parents – How Is Your Child Doing In Hockey?

By Michael Orlotti

With all the news regarding NHL coaches amidst allegations of inappropriate comments or controversial motivation tactics, I felt compel to write this article not as a coach/trainer in minor hockey, but as a parent with a son playing his 3rd year and a daughter that will soon be starting her journey in hockey.   As…

Teaching Creativity and Imagination vs. Systems

By Michael Orlotti

Now that tryouts are behind us and Coaches are slowing preparing for the upcoming season, I thought this would be a good time to write this article. Over the years of seeing or attending practices, I started to notice that coaches are teaching or implementing more of a defensive type of system in their practices…

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation: Tips for a Great Wrist Shot

By HockeyNeeds

Guest Contributor and Article By: Coach Ken Yee Coach and Trainer ForHong Kong Academy Of Ice Hockey Kung Pow Kings Hockey For beginner and intermediate level players, most have trouble with their wrist shots. A good wrister has less to do with power or strength than having the proper technique. I often use the following…

7 Things That Require ZERO Talent

By HockeyNeeds

Image of Power Edge Pro – PEP Guest Contributor and Article By: Ken Yee Born in China Raised in Toronto Now Coach and Trainer in Hong Kong As a coach, the players that stick out to me are not those who are the most athletically gifted or the strongest. The players I take the greatest notice are…

5 Essential Brain Booster Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

By HockeyNeeds

  Guest Contributor and Article By: Chris Tauriello, C.H.N. Nutritionist In The Toronto and GTA I Help People Achieve Peak Performance, Eat Healthy and Lose Weight Website: Contact Me Today For More Information     I’m very proud and excited to share this article with you. I have coached and trained Chris since the…

A Few Simple Ways to Start Getting Scouted

By Michael Orlotti

If you are playing hockey at any level, then you are probably trying to figure out how you can take your game to the next level. Being scouted for hockey for higher levels can be a very challenging task, especially if you do not know what to do. The only way scouts or even coaches…

Ice Hockey in Hong Kong: Growing despite its obstacles

By HockeyNeeds

Guest Contributor and Article By: Ken Yee Standing inside of a hockey rink, you’d expect that it’d be cool and brisk, if not downright cold. But as a hockey coach here in Hong Kong in the middle of May, this is surely not the case. It is 33 degrees Celsius outside (which feels like 39…

Hockey Canada – Full Ice vs. Half Ice Debate

By Michael Orlotti

Hockey Canada had mandated last March for the upcoming 2018/2019 season at the Initiation Program level across Canada. Games will be on a cross-ice or have-ice, where the rink is divided in half and teams play across the ice rather than the full length of the rink, which is now mandatory. The Mandate encompasses all…

The Challenges Of Being A Parent Coach

By Michael Orlotti

These days it is very normal for the head coach of your child’s hockey team to be a Parent/Coach. I will say the majority of the time these coaches that are parents provide a great experience for their child and team. However, there are times being a parent in charge of a team can have…

Top News & Shout Outs

HockeyNeeds News | Supporting The Minor Hockey Communities During Covid-19

Dear Minor Hockey Organization, Coaches, Managers, and Parents With this Global Pandemic happening around the world the Minor Hockey Communities will face hardship to restart their leagues. HockeyNeeds will continue…

HockeyNeeds News | Team Apparel

PHOTO OF LEON AND HEAD COACH JOE OF AMESBURY MINOR ATOM SELECT TEAM HOCKEYNEEDS ANNOUNCEMENT  HockeyNeeds and Clothwerkz have merged to create unique designed apparel under the HN banner for…

Stride Hockey Development | Shout Out

Photo of Lino Owner/Head Instructor HockeyNeeds Promotion Great experience with Lino & Co. at Stride Hockey Development Located in Toronto – GTA, Ontario If you are looking for a terrific…

Pro Star Hockey School | Shout Out

Photo of Adam Owner/Head Instructor at Pro Star Hockey School HockeyNeeds Promotion I would like to thank Adam & Co. for the incredible work they did with all the young…

Toronto Pro Hockey Shop | Shout Out

Photo of Toronto Pro Hockey Shop Professional Tech HockeyNeeds Promotion Tip – When buying any hockey equipment, especially skates, make sure to work with a knowledgeable Pro, that includes the…

High Speed Hockey | Shout Out

Photo of Emma and Derek – Trainers at High Speed Hockey Training HockeyNeeds Promotion A great experience at High Speed Hockey Training in Newmarket, Ontario with Emma and Derek. If…

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