North York Hockey League

About NYHL

North York Hockey League - NYHL is Select hockey (played in North York arena, Ontario) can be an incredibly rewarding experience for your child and your family. Not only is it a great hockey experience, but it is also a great life experience. The players, parents, and even siblings often develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

Select hockey is the next level up from House League. Each birth year has its own select division, and each division has several tiers. The number of tiers can fluctuate from year to year, but there are generally between 3 and 5 of them. Tier 1 is the highest tier with the strongest players, and each subsequent tier represents the next level of hockey. Teams are re-tiered at the end of December so that the weaker teams can move down, and the stronger teams can move up to more appropriate levels of competition.

The other important thing to note is that player who play select hockey must also participate in house league. So all select practices and games are over and above the commitment to house league. More on this later.


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